First appearance:

The Never-Ending Book (Chapter 1)



Gloves are the type-of power-up which work like fusestoppers in the Impossible Quiz series and Insurmountable Quiz. They are not spoon-fed, but are not mandatory to save. Keep in mind that you'll get a better grade for finding gloves and not using them.

Gloves don't have eyes; nevertheless, like fusestoppers, they are evidently asleep when and only when there isn't a bomb. When there's no bomb, the glove goes through a cycle of fainting while snoring a Z; when there is a bomb, though, it jumps up and down.

How to get GlovesEdit

The Never-Ending BookEdit

There are only four powerups in the first chapter, two of which are gloves. Here is how you get them:

  • In Question 9 of the first chapter, after the "Next" arrow shows up, keep mashing the button in anticipation.
  • In Question 22 of the first chapter, click the planet located on the bottom-right of the screen.