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The Never-Ending Book
Question 18

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Question 18

Ch1 Q18
Difficulty Medium (answering) / Tough (finding the freebie)
Skippable? Yes
Bomb? Yes (10 sec)
Reference N/A
Safe Question? No
Glove location N/A
Freebie location Click the small right arrow located on the right hat.

Question 18 of The Never-Ending Book is a hand-drawn question asking, "What's this?" with three angles with hats on them. The answer options are "Mariachi Band", "Cancun", "Los Angeles" and "Mandolin Parade".

Confusing as they may seem, the correct answer to this one is "Los Angeles", because it's a pun on "Los Angles", which is certainly depicted by the picture - of angles in Mexican hats.

The second freebie can be found in this question, but it would be easier to find without the bomb! (Yes, "without the bomb" is possible since you might have a glove.) The hat on the right has a right arrow on it, in the shape of a skip. Click it and you get the freebie (because freebies do what skips do).