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The Never-Ending Book
Question 21

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Question 21

Ch1 Q21
Difficulty Easy
Skippable? No
Bomb? No
Reference Hangman
Safe Question? No
Glove location N/A
Freebie location N/A

Question 21 of The Never-Ending Book is an unskippable question which presents you with a man hanging on a string, along with the 26 letters of the alphabet as clickables, and seven slots for letters on the top-right.

It clearly references the game of Hangman. Since there are no clues, it's a bit hard for one to know what the correct word is. However, since the man is already hung, the picture is probably there to clue you on the word, not to deal with the absent letters! So the correct word is "Hangman"!

Thus to pass the question, click the letters H, A, N, G, M in any order (because they're used to spell Hangman). If you click and letter other than those five, you'll lose a life.

There happens to be a glitch in this question: If you click a correct letter (such as H) a second time, the letter disappears from the slots (and clicking it yet again will put it back). But after you do this, you cannot pass the question no matter what you do, so the gameplay will be burnt unless you start over! So don't click a correct letter twice to try to be funny!

Noskip You cannot skip this question.