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The Never-Ending Book
Question 30

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Question 30

Ch1 Q30
Difficulty Medium
Skippable? Yes
Bomb? Yes (10 sec)
Reference N/A
Safe Question? No
Glove location N/A
Freebie location N/A

Question 30 of The Never-Ending Book is a bomb question asking "What is the fastest dog?" in the format of Question 2, with answer options "Sausage", "Shiba", "Greyhound", and "Wow much doge".

Greyhounds are fast, which suggests that is a trick answer. Indeed, it is wrong. "Wow much doge", though funny, is wrong, too. The correct answer to this question is "Sausage", which actually has interesting logic in it: Sausage is another word for the Daschund dog, and Daschund is a pun on "dash-hound" (dashing dog).