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The Never-Ending Book
Question 5

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Question 5

Ch1 Q05
Difficulty Medium
Skippable? Yes
Bomb? No
Reference N/A
Safe Question? No
Glove location N/A
Freebie location Click the doodle of the freebie drawn on the left.

Question 5 of The Never-Ending Book is hand-drawn like the first question. It says, "find the doodle" On screen is a clown fish, a monster with a worm in his nose, a freebie, an 8-ball, an insect, a cat, a dinosaur, a happy person, a box, a piece of poop, a happy face, a horn and a pair of pants.

Surely there are all doodles, so which of them is the correct one?! If you listen to "doodle" probably, you will probably hear "doo-doo". This suggests that the piece of poop is the answer, which it is.

The first freebie can also be found in this question - just click on the freebie doodle on the left of the screen, and you will get it! Note that the poop and the freebie are the only things you can click on in this question without life loss.